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Simply reach out via email or telephone with details of your necessities. We will respond with all the necessary details to fulfill your expectations and beyond.

I wanted to take a minute to appreciate your firm and all it’s employees. It’s not often when something goes wrong in this industry and people don’t start pointing fingers to everyone else or just charge the boat for the mistake no matter who is at fault. Your admittance to our recent issue even though my email caused most of the confusion really said a lot about the honesty of your firm and its commitment to compleat customer satisfaction. This being both my and my cooks first time dealing with purveyors I’m glad it was with Island Purveyors and appreciate your patients, hard work, flexibility, and dedication. Being a small boat with small orders and limited refrigeration I was concerned about getting the level of service needed to provide the owner with the level of food quality he demands. However your firm quickly put my worries to rest by providing me with top quality food and service every time.

Thanks you all so much and I look forward to our next trip to the Bahamas and working with you all again.

— Capt. Bryan | M/Y Four Real